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Coiffure – sort of…

We’ve posted in the past how we’ve hemmed and hawed about cutting Oliver’s hair; I’ve been on the one extreme where I don’t want to cut his hair till he’s 5, while JoAnne’s been teetering on the edge: should we … Continue reading

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This, not that

Oliver has a word, “THIS.” Now that may not seem particularly impressive, but when you see the mileage our little guy manages to get out of that one simple syllable, you cannot help but be amazed. He started out using … Continue reading

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Time Flies (the Details)

I cannot believe that Oliver’s airplane-themed first birthday extravaganza was over two weeks ago and I am only just now getting around to posting about all of the details I used to carry through the theme. Time flies, indeed … There were … Continue reading

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Time Flies (The Invites)

As I mentioned, Oliver’s first birthday party was last weekend. It was an unbelievably fun party, and I cannot wait to share photos of all of the details I used to carry through the (very apt) theme: Time Flies. I … Continue reading

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Happy First Birthday, Sweet Baby Boy!

On the [morning] you were born, the [sun] smiled with such wonder that the [birds] peeked in to see you and the [morning] wind whispered “Life will never be the same.” Because there had never been anyone like you … ever in … Continue reading

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Smash Cake, Literally!

Over the course of this week, expect to be bombarded with photos from Oliver’s first birthday bash, which we threw at our house this past weekend (his actual birthday is March 16th).  The first set of photos are from my … Continue reading

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Look at our entryway on any given afternoon and you would think we are running a shipping and receiving center out of our home — we receive, on average, about 3 packages a day, every day.  I once bumped into … Continue reading

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