¡Que horrible!

Whoever coined the term “terrible threes” was really on to something. And, they probably had Oliver as one of their subjects, who clearly was far right-of-center, or so it would seem…

We’re going through, lets say, an interesting emotional roller coaster phase, complete with the random sads, occasional (frequent?) tantrums, and massively irrational fears (of all things to be feared, our toddler picks emergency doors and fire alarms as the two things in the whole world out to get him).

But, all that said, he’s still the funniest, cutest, and most adorable little 3-year-old I have ever seen. Maybe ol’ Konrad Lorenz was right when he proposed Kindchenschema – babies/toddlers are cute for a reason: simply so that we can have the continued motivation to care for them…

I leave you with a picture of Oliver from this morning – he was sad (for no reason – according to him), so wanted to sit and basque in the sun. Nothing wrong with that, especially when you’re as cute as he is!


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H. A. P. P. Y.

Could a baby be happier (or cuter)??

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Our very own Bozo!

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Mr. Sunshine

Happy to see you!

Happy to see you!

Benjamin is an unbelievably happy, smiley guy. His early “social smiles” (first appearing at around 3 weeks!) were mainly reserved for his self-proclaimed best friend, Oliver. Within days, however, he was smiling at everyone and everything. It is rare to go in to the room to get him up after his nap and not find him smiling away in his bassinet. And, a sly smile and a chuck of his chin is almost always enough to turn one of his mini-meltdowns (which really only happen when he is either hungry or tired) into a fit of giggles.

The most amazing thing is that he smiles with his whole face, his whole body. His eyes light up, his shoulders scrunch, and his feet start kicking away. His gummy grins are contagious in the truest sense — it is impossible not to smile back. He really is “our sunshine.”

The shirt says it all!

“Fat & Happy” — The shirt says it all!

Happy to celebrate his one month birthday!

Happy to celebrate his one month birthday!

He even smiles at the doctor's office!

He even smiles at the doctor’s office!

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All about the Benjamins

Benjamin is named after my father, who is universally adored in our household. Oliver independently came up with the idea to name “his new baby” Benny — to be called Benji so as not to be confused with his namesake, Grampy Benny — which was a neat coincidence since Vik and I had already batted around the idea between ourselves. It was an excellent choice, since Benjamin already appears to love his Grampy just as much as his big brother does. 



What can I say, my boys have excellent taste. 

{Benjamin’s middle name is Mahendra, after Vik’s late-maternal grandfather. I never had the pleasure to meet Vik’s Nana, but I understand that he also was a kind man with a strong character and big heart.} 

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Naptime Snuggles

Oliver asked if he could have a nap-time sleepover with his “best friend.” The sleepover lasted just long enough to take this photo, but it was such a sweet moment.


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Keep Calm & Carry On

Benjamin’s a champion breast-feeder. That, in and of itself, is a massive gift. And a curse.

See, Oliver was not a champion breast-feeder. In fact, he would rather have starved. He would scream like a banshee every time he was offered the boob (JoAnne’s, not mine). So, JoAnne (and I) prayed that our second would, at the very least, not scream when offered the boob (again, JoAnne’s, not mine).

Well, our prayers were more than answered. Benjamin, as I had said, is a champion breast-feeder. He’s so good, in fact, that he scoffs at the mere thought of being offered milk in, say, a bottle. He takes the nipple (the bottle’s, not JoAnne’s nor mine) into his mouth, let’s it loll about in there, smiles and coos, and that’s about it. No sucking. No attempt at trying to imbibe nourishment. Nothing. This is the curse part, in case you were wondering.

JoAnne’s eventually going back to work, so Benjamin’s got to learn to take a bottle. The pressure was on. I tried. Oliver’s (and soon to be Benjamin’s) Nanny, Theresa, tried. Heck, even JoAnne tried. All for naught.

That was till today. I finally had success (S.U.C.C.E.S.S.!!!) with getting our bub to take a full feed from the bottle. In fact, I did such a good job that he fell asleep eating! The proof, as they say, is in eating the pudding (or drinking the milk, in this case):


So now, everyone can Keep Calm & Carry On…

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