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{Humpday Haiku}

Please don’t bite Mommy. I said, please don’t bite Mommy! OUCH! You little turd!

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Parade of Cuteness

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Our Mowgli

Mowgli JoAnne and I are often times amazed at the similarities between Oliver and Mowgli (of Jungle Book fame). In addition to being a wild baby with wild hair who loves to run around in his cloth diaper (ours has … Continue reading

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{Humpday Haiku}

What’s that in your hand? It looks like a ball of fur. Poor little Zakkie!  

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Feedtime Frustrations

Dear Oliver, Why, oh why, won’t you eat? Yesterday, you loved broccoli. Today, you look at it with disgust and make gagging noises if we try to put some into your mouth. For six months, you devoured pasta and cheese … Continue reading

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{Humpday Haiku}*

If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times Paper is not food. * This will, hopefully, be the start of a new weekly tradition on the blog — “humpday” haikus inspired by the everyday adventures, annoyances, and … Continue reading

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