All about the Benjamins

Benjamin is named after my father, who is universally adored in our household. Oliver independently came up with the idea to name “his new baby” Benny — to be called Benji so as not to be confused with his namesake, Grampy Benny — which was a neat coincidence since Vik and I had already batted around the idea between ourselves. It was an excellent choice, since Benjamin already appears to love his Grampy just as much as his big brother does. 



What can I say, my boys have excellent taste. 

{Benjamin’s middle name is Mahendra, after Vik’s late-maternal grandfather. I never had the pleasure to meet Vik’s Nana, but I understand that he also was a kind man with a strong character and big heart.} 

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1 Response to All about the Benjamins

  1. Gourinagjee says:

    Lovely. Baby Benji it is ! And everybody ‘ s happy.

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