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We Are Family

Phew! ¬†Apologies for the unplanned blogging hiatus, but the last few weeks have been quite hectic. I promise to spend the next several days catching everyone up on Oliver’s big adventures. We’ll start with two weekends ago. My lovely baby … Continue reading

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The arrival of the Bandito…

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Dear Playtex

Dear Playtex, Thank you for making a bottle my son, Oliver, likes. After spending hundreds of dollars on some of the most expensive and technologically advanced bottles available, all of which our darling son refused to take, Mommy picked up … Continue reading

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A Happy Mother’s Day

Before you were conceived, I wanted you Before you were born, I loved you Before you were here an hour, I would die for you This is the miracle of love. ~ Maureen Hawkins ~ Mother’s Day was also exciting … Continue reading

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The Bottle Battle

As I have discussed before, breastfeeding Oliver has been something of a nightmare challenge — one that is repeated 6-10 times daily. In order to give me an occasional (and much needed) break, Vik started giving Oliver a bottle about … Continue reading

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Baby Knows Best

I have been hesitant to put this in writing, for fear of jinxing our good fortune, but, here goes …¬†Oliver is a very good baby. ((( PAUSING TO KNOCK VIGOROUSLY ON WOOD ))) He is generally calm and content, loves … Continue reading

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The Big Head Phenomenon?

So, Oliver has a normal-sized baby head, which is to say that his head, although large for his body, is still much smaller than an adult head. Vik and I each spend a lot of time kissing on that sweet … Continue reading

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