Time Flies (The Invites)

As I mentioned, Oliver’s first birthday party was last weekend. It was an unbelievably fun party, and I cannot wait to share photos of all of the details I used to carry through the (very apt) theme: Time Flies.

I begin with the beginning — the invites. My mom did all of the heavy lifting for these — she printed and cut out the “boarding passes” (which I designed) and made all of the map envelopes. The invites were exactly what I envisioned and were such a great way to generate excitement about Oliver’s big bash!

The envelopes were made out of real maps!

Travel Documents

First Class Boarding Passes

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3 Responses to Time Flies (The Invites)

  1. gouri says:

    You guys are just too talented and what an imagination!! Brilliant!! Abs Brilliant……..only one complaint!! WHERE is MY invite…please send me one and maybe add a few pictures….

  2. Laura says:

    That’s a genius idea! Can’t wait to hear more about the celebration.

  3. Archana says:

    on my! the birthday party is so well -planned. kudos to the attention on details! 🙂

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