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Bad Case of the Naughties

If Oliver’s recent behavior is any indication, his toddler years are going to be one wild ride: Exhibit One: Oliver has taken to screaming like a crazed pterodactyl whenever he does not get his way, or you are too slow … Continue reading

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Going, going, (almost) gone!

The first year, that is. I cannot believe that in exactly one month, my sweet little guy will be turning one year old! Where has the time gone?!? My baby is turning into a toddler faster than I could imagine, … Continue reading

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Sleep(less) Beauty

There is not a more peaceful or angelic sight than a sleeping baby, particularly when you have a baby for whom sleep is a monumental struggle. Thanks mainly to some schedule changes and, I believe, the mere passage of time, … Continue reading

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A Hairy Situation

Our little walker has been super-clumsy lately — tripping a lot, bumping into things, etc. It is almost like he is having trouble seeing clearly. I wonder what’s going on?

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Yin Yang Yawn

Just like Vik and I, our kitties, Max and Zak, are opposite as opposite can be. Max is social, happy, and hyperactive. Zak is aloof, mopey, and lazy. And yet, just¬†like Vik and I, they are the best of friends … Continue reading

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