Coiffure – sort of…

We’ve posted in the past how we’ve hemmed and hawed about cutting Oliver’s hair; I’ve been on the one extreme where I don’t want to cut his hair till he’s 5, while JoAnne’s been teetering on the edge: should we cut his hair now, or wait till he’s 2? The only thing that occasionally (OK, almost weekly) makes me want to rush out and get his hair cut is the almost constant: “Oh, she’s so cute! What’s her name?”, to which I respond: “Her name is Oliver, thank you!” But, we’ve come to terms with the fact that we have an extremely gorgeous baby boy who could easily pass off as the most adorable baby girl – because: a) Oliver’s petite, and b) he has some amazing, long, flowing locks of hair.

Well, the other day, Oliver got out of the shower and was running around when JoAnne and I both looked at each other and immediately knew that we had to, at the very least, get rid of our son’s honest-to-goodness rattail that made his coiffure look like, well, how do I put this, a full-on MULLET.

So, I grabbed Oliver and JoAnne grabbed the scissors, and we were off to the races. The trick was to measure thrice and cut once, so that we avoid a ready-fire-aim situation, and I’m pleased to report that we did just that. A few snips later, our son was devoid of said rattail, and now looked a little more presentable.

While we’re happy that he’s sans mullet, we’re now concerned that we’re going to get even more “What’s her name?” solicitations than before. You see, now it looks as though our sweet baby boy has a full-on Bob Cut — long all the way around, and falling nicely around his shoulders.

Bob or not, our baby boy is cuter than ever, and seems to get cuter by the day!


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    Photo please.

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