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Typically Atypical

When people ask what Oliver is like, I tell them he is a highly physical, exceptionally active, bundle of endless energy. I often get a response that is something along the lines of, “Well, that pretty much describes all toddlers.” … Continue reading

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Day Dreaming

It has set in every March since I moved to the Midwest: the “oh my God will this winter weather never end” blahs. Every March, I start wondering what the heck we are doing here, why we did not have … Continue reading

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First Haircut

Last weekend, Vik and I bit the bullet and took Oliver for his first haircut. While we loved his shaggy, rocker-style hair, we were growing tired of telling people that our “beautiful little girl” is named Oliver. More pressingly, I … Continue reading

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And that’s why we don’t surf on the furniture …

Last night, Oliver “learned” the hard way why it is a bad idea to “surf” on the rocking ottoman in his nursery. I use quotes around “learned” because, although the tumble was enough to keep him off the ottoman for … Continue reading

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{Humpday Haiku}

I miss your wild mane Crazy and awesome, like you Why did we cut it?*   * I will be posting photos from the First Haircut Experience as soon as Vik gets around to editing/uploading them (ahem). 

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A Reluctant Idol

As I have mentioned several times, Oliver is in LOVE with his kitty brothers, particularly KeeKee (AKA Zakkie, AKA “the fat one”) — “KeeKee” was his very first word, followed shortly thereafter by “cat,” “kitty,” and “kitty cat” (still no “Mama,” but … Continue reading

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Belly Laughs

There is something wonderful about unrestrained, uncontrollable, straight from the belly laughter, and when that sort of laughter comes from a child, well, it is pure magic. Vik and I were playing catch the other day when I dropped the … Continue reading

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