Contextually (in)appropriate regurgitation…

Oliver constantly demonstrates an amazing ability to piece together concepts and chain them appropriately into an expressive sentence.

Let me illustrate. We go to a restaurant for “family lunch” (and beers – for mommy and daddy, not Oliver!) every Sunday. No matter what mommy and daddy order, Oliver always gets two things: mac ‘n cheese, and fries – aka “lunch of champions”. [For those that are worried that Oliver’s not getting a well balanced meal for lunch on Sunday’s, don’t fret: he also eats at least one half of one pickle, and he also eats at least two thirds of a slice of lemon]. So, I was driving him somewhere or the other last Saturday and we just happened to go by that restaurant, and on catching a glimpse of the restaurant said: “Daddy beer. Mommy beer. Ahwiwer (Oliver) hot hot fries. Ahwiwer (Oliver) macawoni”.

That was what I consider a contextually appropriate “regurgitation”.

Now, let me give you an example of what I consider contextually INappropriate “regurgitation”.

Two out of the last five times that Oliver’s been sick, he’s thrown up. So, somehow he has formed an association that being sick equals throwing up. I’ve been sick the past couple of days (wicked cold, body ache, fever, etc…). Oliver noticed that something’s amiss because he’s: a) not seen daddy go for a run in a few days (which never happens), and b) seen daddy lay about all day (which also has never happened ever since Oliver was born). So, yesterday, he proudly walks around the house telling everyone (mommy, nanny, the kitties) that “daddy throw up”. And I had to follow him around and tell everyone that I had, in fact, NOT thrown up. Yeesh.

That, my friends, is contextually inappropriate “regurgitation”.

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1 Response to Contextually (in)appropriate regurgitation…

  1. hautemomma says:

    He is a funny little guy, indeed! Trying to trace his trains of thought is both amazing and hilarious!

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