Fact: Blogging while pregnant but employed fulltime is challenging, but manageable.  Blogging while home on maternity leave with an infant who sleeps 16 hours a day is no problem. Blogging while working “part-time” (i.e., 40 hours a week) and managing a “spirited” toddler is difficult.  Blogging while working full-time (i.e., 55+ hours a week) and managing a “spirited” toddler is next to impossible.

Being a mom to a “spirited” toddler, an attorney, a wife, a daughter, and a friend is an enormous juggling act, and keeping all of my proverbial balls in the air has become increasingly difficult over the past six months.  In short, I am exhausted.  My arms hurt, and for my own sanity, I have had to learn to let some of the balls drop to the ground once in a while.  Unfortunately, one of the balls that is now rolling around under the sofa (along with about 100 goldfish crackers, a TV remote, and all the lids to my Tupperware) is this blog.

This blog has been such a great way to chronicle all of the fun, funny, and occasionally mundane (but still exciting in their newness) aspects of parenthood.  I love looking back at all the old posts and seeing how much Oliver has grown, how confident I have grown in my parenting, and just how much we have taught each other. Beyond that, it has been a great way to keep far-flung family updated on all things Oliver.

Unfortunately, finding the time to update has become increasingly difficult — hence the lack of new posts in the past few months — as both work and family have demanded greater and greater chunks of my time. One of my New Years’ resolutions was to make the time to update more, so that I can remember all of the amazing, funny, and frustrating events that are defining Oliver’s toddlerhood.  (Since it is the first of February and I am only now creating my first post of the year, you can see how well that resolution is going!) 

Maybe I was too ambitious, so I am cutting myself some slack and revising my resolution. While I can’t promise that I will find the time to regularly post witty anecdotes or even not-so-witty anecdotes, I can promise that if Vik gets his camera back out and dusts off his lens, I will at least find time to post a cute picture every now and then!  Starting now, with some long overdue shots from our Christmas card photo shoot …

Future heartbreaker!

Family Portrait (Oliver charged the camera 1 second after this shot was taken)

I see you!

Admiring my "Major Award" (a la Christmas Story)

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5 Responses to Facts

  1. MOM says:

    Thank you. I know lots of folks will be glad to see the update. And if you only get to it once in a while that’s ok. Just so long as you call…
    Love, MOM

  2. Faith says:

    I know (almost) exactly how you feel!! I say almost because my weekly work hours aren’t usually as bad as yours, but can get that way on occasion. I started a private, family blog back in the Fall, but I think I only have about 9 posts. I recently started a public photo blog that I am enjoying. Check it out: http://ourtimeinthelight.wordpress.com/ I originally thought I would post a photo a day, but it will probably end up being one every few days or so.

    Also, these photos are adorable! I especially like the one of Oliver and the leg lamp. Seems he likes the “soft glow of electric sex” too 🙂 My Mom and Dad have one. It replaced their xmas tree in the main window of their house a few years ago. My Dad LOVES it and looks forward to putting it up every year. My mom? Not so much, lol

    • hautemomma says:

      Love your photo blog! I may try to do something similar (post photos with short captions, instead of pressuring myself to come up with full posts). Also, LOVE that your folks have a leg lamp 🙂 I am planning to buy Oliver a pink bunny suit in a few years when he is old enough to be mortified by it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hEY YOU ARE BACK!! I was missing the Oliver story..since we can’t be there physically its a great way to keep up .. and all his mischief and misadventures bring a smile to my face.. so as and when keep it going!
    Love the pictures…doooood looks good in blue indian kurta!!muahhhhhhhhhh muahhhhhhhhhh!!
    hugs and hugs

  4. Angelina says:

    So happy to see an update! Oliver reminds me so much of Beckett, and I’ve loved seeing him grow. You were mentioned on our March birth board as “someone who’s missed”. I agree! 🙂

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