Tell me about it

Oliver has undergone a remarkable verbal explosion in the past few months, going from less than six words (four of which referred to the cats), to well over a hundred words, including dozens of sentences and phrases.

Some of Oliver’s new words and phrases reveal our occassionally sub-optimal parenting skills — for example, yelling “F###!” when he hears a car horn honking, or saying “Is zeee wezher (weather)” whenever he sees Al Roker come on the Today Show. 

Other phrases are just too adorable, like when he hides under a blanket and yells “Where eez he? Where eez Ahwiwer (Oliver)?”, or when he takes off running, squealing “I gonna get you!”

Some words and phrases are like nails on a chalkboard, due solely to the fact that we hear them no less than one hundred times a day — “Toy?” (referring to his musical cell phone that lives in the car, and with which he is utterly obsessed), “Out”/”Bye-bye”/”Car” (a homebody my son is not), “Up Pees?” (when he is doing his pre- and post-workday velcro baby routine), and “Javi? Baby?” (inquiring as to the whereabouts of his best friend and his baby sister). 

Some phrases make you seize with dread — like when Oliver yells “Ahwiwer, NO!” from another room, right before he climbs on the table/pulls a glass off the counter/knocks down a lamp/drags the cat across the room by its tail/tosses my laptop on the floor/etc. 

And, finally, there are some phrases that just melt your heart into a big old puddle and remind you that despite the sleepless nights, the complete and total lack of downtime, and the staggering expense of having a child, it is still so totally worth it — like this morning, when I was leaving for work and Oliver gave me a big hug (in the process smearing oatmeal on my dry clean only silk dress) and said, “Bye-Bye Mommy.  I love you. I meeece-oo (miss you)!”

I love you too, my darling boy.  More than I could have ever dreamt possible.  

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5 Responses to Tell me about it

  1. Anonymous says:

    and i meeeeece experiencing all this!! Just too cute…thanks for sharing so vividly. Love and hugs to you and Ahwiwer!!

  2. kaitlyn hodges says:

    Love reading about Oliver… He is truly a little man. So.. Did Mrs. Mulder forget to tell me that you were expecting a baby girl? I may be just confused.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha — Baby refers to his friend Javi’s baby sister, not Oliver’s 🙂 We are definitely NOT expecting another one anytime soon — as you can probably tell, we already have our hands quite full!

  3. MOM says:

    Time for an update…Please

  4. kaitlyn says:

    HAHA! I had to run and ask your mom! I figured she would have said something. I see you have a handful!!! 🙂

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