“Oliver likes Elmo”

My firm had a family party a couple weeks ago, and Vik brought Oliver downtown to meet my co-workers, munch on some kid-friendly snacks, jam to live kiddie-folkmusic, and meet the muppets. 
Oliver, par for the course, was wide-open and tearing through the art-filled hallways of my office building, so I don’t think any of my co-workers got to see anything other than his rapidly retreating back.  That is probably for the best though, since it also means no one was around to witness Oliver attacking Cookie Monster when he refused to take the plate Oliver was trying to share with him (we are working through an aggression phase right now, but that is a post for another day …). 
As you can see from the photos below, Elmo faired better than his blue counterpart. In fact, the only time Oliver was willing to slow down was when Elmo was in the vicinity. Perhaps he mistook the furry red muppet for a giant kitty cat?

Party Time!


High Five


Big Hugs


What a HAM!

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