Typically Atypical

When people ask what Oliver is like, I tell them he is a highly physical, exceptionally active, bundle of endless energy. I often get a response that is something along the lines of, “Well, that pretty much describes all toddlers.” To some extent, they are right, but what I really was trying to convey is that Oliver is not just active and energetic, but, as anyone who has spent more than 30 minutes with him can tell you, he is unusually active and energetic. And, by energetic, I mean the constantly scaling the furniture while squealing like a banshee and wielding a cat by the tail type of energy.*

I think that from now on, when faced with a question about what life with Oliver is like, I will simply play this video and then explain that this is just a typical evening in our household [Note that the shenanigans in the video continued for a period of over 45 minutes, right before bedtime]:

* For the record, I would not have him any other way! Yes, his wild and crazy energy keeps us constantly on our toes, but I cannot imagine life without his adventurous spirit and infectious laugh. He is amazing!

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5 Responses to Typically Atypical

  1. gouri says:

    That kept me in splits! he really is so full of energy…just watching him is enough to tire you out! Incorrigible!!

  2. Aunty Sarah says:

    Oh man…I am going to need a vacation after the Florida trip!

  3. kaitlyn hodges says:

    awww… this is so cute. something all mothers can enjoy, and a new mom like me can say whewwww i hope my son is not that energetic. 🙂

  4. Angelina says:

    I have a similarly energetic 15 month old, and after getting nervous about the number of people who commented on how “busy” he is, I relaxed when my best friend said, “smart little boys explore thier environment nonstop”. Just what I needed to hear! I LOVE his enthusiasm and energy and am SO glad he’s not a slug. Oliver and Beckett should meet and run each other ragged! 🙂

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