First Haircut

Last weekend, Vik and I bit the bullet and took Oliver for his first haircut. While we loved his shaggy, rocker-style hair, we were growing tired of telling people that our “beautiful little girl” is named Oliver. More pressingly, I simply could not take one more meal spent watching Oliver run his food-covered hands through his hair in an attempt to get it out of his eyes and off his face.

Oliver was such a big boy at the kiddie salon. He sat nice and still in the chair while his hair was getting cut, and even let the lady spend a few extra minutes tidying things up at the end. We were very proud!

Below are some photos of the “First Haircut Experience,” or what Vik has dubbed “The Darkest Day” (he is having a bit of trouble adjusting to Oliver’s new cropped locks). As for me, while I do miss Oliver’s wild hair (mainly because I think it matched his personality so much better than his new tidy cut), I think he is absolutely adorable either way!

BEFORE (I swear, Oliver is hiding in there somewhere!)


Chillin' in the Celica, awaiting the first snips


Like Sansom, Oliver is feeling vulnerable


Can you see me now?


Handsome Boy!

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