{Humpday Haiku}

I miss your wild mane

Crazy and awesome, like you

Why did we cut it?*

Don't let the hair fool you, I am still a wild child!


* I will be posting photos from the First Haircut Experience as soon as Vik gets around to editing/uploading them (ahem). 

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2 Responses to {Humpday Haiku}

  1. gouri says:

    oh no…why oh why?? no warning…no getting used to the idea!! but still oh so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    • hautemomma says:

      We had quite a few hot days last week, and his head got so sweaty and his hair was sticky and in his eyes all the time. We could tell it was bothering him, so we took him for a cut. I wish we had just trimmed his “bangs” up a little, but it will grow back and be out of control again in no time 🙂

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