Happy {Belated} Easter

Easter Bunnies

My delay in posting about our Easter Sunday was not due to lack of enthusiasm, but rather lack of time — our Easter was fantastic!

My mom flew in from Virginia and my sister came down from Wisconsin to celebrate, which was wonderful for us and tons of fun for Oliver. After attending Easter church services, we had our friends and their two children over for Easter dinner, which was a delicious spread of lamb, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, and yorkshire pudding.

The highlight of my day, though, was the pre-dinner Easter egg hunt in our backyard. Vik and I were convinced that Oliver would find one egg and then spend the next 10 minutes chewing on it while the other kids ran around finishing the hunt. We could not have been more wrong! He hunted eggs like it was his job, finding at least a dozen eggs on his own (and dropping them off in his basket) and several more with the help of our friends’ sweetheart of a daughter. It was so much fun to see our little guy actually participating in a holiday tradition — what an exciting glimpse into things to come!

Winner's Circle Easter Eggs (Vik and I swept the awards, including "WTF Egg" and "Worst in Show")

Oliver and his Auntie Sarah

Finding his first egg!

Egg Hunting Champion!

Getting some help from Marlena

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1 Response to Happy {Belated} Easter

  1. Mom says:

    I had as much fun as anyone! It was such a joyful time. I was so proud of Ollie and his hunting abilities.

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