Our Mowgli


JoAnne and I are often times amazed at the similarities between Oliver and Mowgli (of Jungle Book fame). In addition to being a wild baby with wild hair who loves to run around in his cloth diaper (ours has a waterproof shell on the outside, thank goodness), other similarities ensue: he loves to jump, swing, bounce, and run into/over/under things; he loves to screech at the top of his lungs; he loves his best buddies – the kitties; etc…

Here’s a video of Oliver climbing on his kittie brothers’ tree, pretending to be a car (watch the video – you’ll get it).

Ah, how I love my Mowgli!

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1 Response to Our Mowgli

  1. HauteMomma says:

    Since he is Mowgli, I guess that makes you Baloo!

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