Bad Case of the Naughties

If Oliver’s recent behavior is any indication, his toddler years are going to be one wild ride:

Exhibit One: Oliver has taken to screaming like a crazed pterodactyl whenever he does not get his way, or you are too slow in complying with one of his (frequent) demands, or you tell him no, or you otherwise fail to precisely cater to his every whim. He even has the nerve to express outrage when he bites you, and you yell “Ouch!”

Exhibit Two: After repeating a negative behavior a couple of times and seeing you respond “NO,” he will proceed to perform said behavior and then immediately shake his head “NO” while laughing maniacally. He also prefers to perform negative behaviors for an audience and will look around to make sure at least one responsible adult is looking before he “gets his naughty on.” 

Exhibit Three: He recently learned (for the third time) how to put himself to sleep at night. However, he has decided that it is more fun to pretend to fall asleep, wait for you to leave the room, “fake cry” hysterically until you come back into the room, and then (literally) run laps around his pack and play while laughing maniacally.

I am at a loss as to how to respond to these episodes, and accordingly have ordered several parenting books that I hope to read before Oliver has a chance to eat them (a favorite past-time of his — I swear he either suffers from pica or is half-goat).  Of course, I suppose the fact that I find these behaviors every bit as amusing as I do frustrating probably does not bode well for my hopes at successfully firm intervention.  Damn my naughty little munchkin for being so stinking cute!

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2 Responses to Bad Case of the Naughties

  1. man says:

    I literally LOL’d at ex. 2. That is totally our son, who is a few days younger than Oliver. It’s not funny! But it’s sooooo funny.

    Bad mommy I am, for laughing at his indignation.

  2. laurapayette says:

    Oh yes, we’ve got example #2 happening at our house, too. The more I say “no” and the firmer I am about it, apparently the funnier it is. Go figure…

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