Going, going, (almost) gone!

The first year, that is. I cannot believe that in exactly one month, my sweet little guy will be turning one year old! Where has the time gone?!?

My baby is turning into a toddler faster than I could imagine, and faster than I would like. He walks everywhere, feeds himself (fingers, not spoons), and tells me “no” (vigorous head shaking) all the time. He definitely knows what he wants (or at least does not want), and how to get it!

He is an adrenaline junky. He loves being spun around (the faster, the better), tossed in the air (the higher, the better), and raced around on his little push car. He loves to go sledding, but only if he can go down the hill on his own. He tumbles and wipes out at least a hundred times a day, but it never slows him down!

He waves “Hi!” and “Bye!”, and yells “Kee-e” as he chases the kitties around the house. The kitties are less than thrilled with his rapidly developing speed and mobility, but they are being troopers.

He looks around to make sure we are looking before he does something naughty, and then gives us a big grin when we say “No!” He has our number, and we are screwed, but we would not be human if we could resist his adorably mischievous grin!

He is my cure for the winter blues. I love him more than words.

Future super model?

Let me think about that ...

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1 Response to Going, going, (almost) gone!

  1. angelina says:

    I’ve been following your blog for the past year since you so eloquently say many of the things I’ve thought about the wild ride that is first time mommy-hood. Beckett will be 1 three days before Oliver and I, too, am in shock and awe over all the changes that take place on a daily basis! All the best to you and your lovely family as you embark on the next year!

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