The Swedish Snot Sucker

After three long nights spent caring for a teething, congested baby who couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t breathe, and countless attempts at pinning a screaming Oliver to the ground while attacking his nasal membranes with our hospital-issue, completely ineffective, blue bulb syringe, I decided that there had to be a better way.

A Google search of “ways to get snot out of a baby’s nose without a bulb syringe” referred me to the NoseFrida, AKA the Swedish Snot Sucker. It looked so completely disgusting that I decided (1) there was no way the company could have stayed in business so long unless it was the most amazing contraption ever, and (2) I had to have it, ASAP.

Twenty-four hours and $30 later — next-day shipping may be expensive, but the chance to get some sleep is priceless — the NoseFrida was at my door.  Vik and I ripped open the packaging and spent the next 15 minutes examining the disgusting little contraption and trying to convince ourselves that the snot would not, in fact, be sucked right out of Oliver’s nose and into our mouths.

Later that night, as we were preparing to put a snotty, stuffy Oliver to bed, Vik — who had apparently decided that the risk of eating Oliver’s boogers was nothing compared to dealing with me after another sleepless night — stepped up to the plate and put the Snot Sucker to the test. Within less than 10 seconds, the NoseFrida (but not Vik’s mouth) was filled with gobs of gooey snot, Oliver could breathe, and, most importantly, Mommy could finally get some sleep!

The Nose Frida is now a vital part of our nap and bedtime routine, and although I cannot say Oliver enjoys the experience, he certainly appreciates the results. So, thank you NoseFrida; you are the most disgusting thing we have ever loved!

The NoseFrida

NoseFrida Marketing Photo -- Yes, I saw this and bought it anyway.

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3 Responses to The Swedish Snot Sucker

  1. laurapayette says:

    Huh, maybe we should get that. Our hospital bulb (which I call the booger snatcher) works, but Shelby HATES it. She doesn’t mind Q-tips, though. Go figure. Hope Oliver gets better soon!

    • hautemomma says:

      Yes! Get it! I have since found out that you can save on the shipping and buy them directly at Whole Foods.

      Oliver does not fight the NoseFrida like he did the bulb syringe, and after using it 3 or 4 times, he stopped wiggling and just lays there and lets it do its thing. My favorite part is that the NoseFrida does not actually go up the nose, so even if he does move, he won’t get hurt or irritate his nasal membranes.

  2. Eva says:

    This is an awesome post, and I agree 100%. We love our snot sucker!

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