I am a compulsive eye-roller. I can’t help it; I inherited it from my Dad. Our eyes roll and our lips smack at the slightest annoyance. If you ask my Mom, she will probably tell you that I was the sassiest, most “attitudiest” teenager in history.

Well, Mom, I doubt that is true, but in any event you should be happy to know that I am probably going to get mine — Oliver is not even seven months old, and already he is exhibiting signs of serious sass:

What part of "I'm done" don't you understand?

Seriously, Mom?!?

I want it, and I want it NOW!

Sheesh. Can't you see I am busy here?!

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1 Response to Babytude

  1. Mom says:

    Dad said he does not know what you are talking about. He has never in his life rolled his eyes or clicked his tongue…Right.

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