The Yin to My Yang

Despite the fact that I am an attorney, I am about as non-confrontational as a person can possibly get (which is probably why I am a tax lawyer as opposed to a real lawyer — you know, the kind who actually goes to court and yells things like, “Objection!”). I am also highly introverted and have a weirdly strong aversion to the phone.

Vik, on the other hand, is as extroverted as I am introverted; LOVES the phone as much as I hate it; and while not exactly confrontational, certainly does not shy away from it either. These differences are precisely what make Vik such a perfect match for me, as demonstrated by the events of the day …

Our nanny, who we thought would be our very own Mary Poppins, started work today in preparation for my return to work next Tuesday. Everything went swimmingly . . . until we asked her to fill out a Form I-9 and found out she is not exactly authorized to work in the U.S. Vik and I discussed the issue after the nanny left for the day and decided that her lack of legal status is an insurmountable problem because Vik is in the process of applying for citizenship and I might want to work for the government one day and, oh yeah, employing someone without legal status IS ILLEGAL.

Anyway, having decided that we could not employ a nanny illegally, it became obvious that one of us would have to engage in the awkward and unpleasant act of calling said nanny to break the bad news — and there was no question that someone would be Vik.

It is times like this that remind me just how lucky I am to have met, and subsequently married, the “anti-JoAnne.” The day I married Vik was the last day I ever had to make an awkward phone call in my own personal life. Heck, I don’t even have to call and schedule my own haircut appointments anymore!

So, thank you Vik for being tougher than me and taking one for the team. I love you, honey! Now, get off the Internet and find us another nanny 🙂

Opposites Attract

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1 Response to The Yin to My Yang

  1. Chris and I are opposites, too. (And his dad is a tax attorney!) We usually balance each other very well. Sorry your nanny didn’t work out; hope you find another one you like very soon!

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