Pain in the …

… feet.

Since having Oliver, I wake up each morning with swollen feet that H-U-R-T to walk on. The pain goes (mostly) away after a few steps, but I swear I look like an ancient hobbling my way to the bathroom.

When I got pregnant, I was afraid my feet would grow and all my lovely designer shoes would be relegated to the donation pile. It never occurred to me that my feet would remain the same size but age 50 years!

Can it really be time to trade in these ...

... for these?!?!

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1 Response to Pain in the …

  1. Kate says:

    Dude. I thought it was my shoes! Didn’t realize it had something to do w/ pregnancy. Or, post-pregnancy. My little one’s 6 months, and my feet hurt so bad when I get out of bed as well- esp. in the middle of the night!

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