My Renaissance Baby

My Oliver is such a cultured and sophisticated young man. Case in point: Yesterday he spent the afternoon touring the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art with me, Mom, and Meemaw. He had so much fun that Vik and I are planning to take him back next week.

We went specifically so that Oliver could see the Calder exhibit, since he is entranced by the mobiles hanging over his bed and changing table, content to spend 10, 20, even 30 minutes looking up at the spinning pinwheels, chattering away and occasionally squealing with delight as the patterns twirl overhead. Meemaw — whose ability to unearth interesting and unique excursions for her grands and great-grands never ceases to amaze — came up with the idea after reading an article about the exhibit in the paper. It would never have occurred to me to take an infant to an art museum, but Oliver absolutely loved it.

The brightly colored Calder mobiles on display elicited several oooohs and aaaahs, but it was Aaron Curry’s neon sculptures in the adjoining gallery that really got Oliver excited. He kept staring and squealing with delight whenever I turned him in their direction. Ever the critic, however, Oliver was quick to let us know that he was less than impressed with some of the more abstract (and less colorful) pieces on display.

Here are some photos of Oliver ‘s favorite installations:

Oliver's Favorite Calder Mobile -- Red Balance

Oliver also loved the Calder Fish

Oliver's Favorite Piece: Deft Composition by Aaron Curry

Another Piece by Aaron Curry, Oliver's Favorite Contemporary Artist

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