Broken – sort of…

Oliver’s going through a “phase” where only his Mommy can: a) give him a bottle at bedtime; b) put him to bed; c) put him back to sleep the 6-10 times he wakes up each night. Of course, I dutifully and diligently try to give him a bottle a night here and there, and try to put him down at bedtime, and try to soothe him back to sleep when he wakes up. All I get is an escalating cacophony of non-stop screaming, crying, screeching, and general demeanor fit for someone who’s having their kidney’s stolen. Slowly, but surely, each night, he breaks me – at some point, I have to scream for Mommy to come in and help me, then I skulk off to the basement entirely frustrated and defeated.

Tonight, I decided things would be different. After all, I’m the “man” of the house, right? Wrong.

After 30-odd minutes of hard-core screaming and crying (real tears, and all), JoAnne decided that she would help me. I was still resolute; instead of handing Oliver off to Mommy, I decided to stick it out and try to feed him after Mommy had comforted him. Without exaggeration, 30 seconds after Mommy touched him, he not only stopped crying, but actually had the nerve to slyly smile at me! The gall of the little turd! This gave me even more resolve; I finished feeding him (while he cooed at me and generally looked very pleased with life), then actually was able to put him to sleep! Of course, Mommy was sitting right next to me, singing to him, stroking his hair, and generally letting him know that all was right in the world. But, it was a “victory” of sorts…

I’m off now to fix myself a stiff drink in an effort to bring my blood pressure and heart rate down to acceptable levels. It may take a few stiff drinks…

Oliver has some extremely impressive tonsils - I see them nightly!

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4 Responses to Broken – sort of…

  1. laurapayette says:

    I’m laughing because Shelby has been going through similar nighttime bouts and your writing about Oliver is humorous. However, I’m the mom and I don’t even have a magic touch anymore. Is there something about 4-month-olds we don’t know about?

  2. hautemomma says:

    We have one stubborn, resolute baby. I have no idea where he got that from . . .

  3. Camille says:

    just wanted to let you know that my 4 month old does the same thing! i keep telling my husband that i’m sure our little one will go through a “daddy phase” soon.

  4. gossettfamily says:

    Don’t give up! You are doing an awesome thing by sticking with it and letting him know Daddy CAN and WILL comfort him (whether he likes it or not, haha). 🙂

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