Toys, Glorious Toys!

For the first 11 weeks of his life, Oliver could have cared less about all of the brightly colored, developmentally appropriate, designed-to-stimulate toys we had purchased and strategically placed in his play areas. We could wave a rattle in his face all day long and he would just gaze right past it at an interesting spot on the wall. Anything placed in his tiny fist would be immediately discarded. Oliver was perfectly content to spend all of his awake time looking at his pinwheel mobile, staring at himself in the mirror, reading books (or, rather, having books read to him), and talking to his “baby friends.”

Then, last week, something amazing happened — Oliver suddenly discovered toys! It started with a stuffed duckie; we placed it on top of him and he suddenly started “wrestling” and sucking on it. Within a few days, he was grabbing, shaking, and sucking on his rattles.  In the past week, he has progressed to interacting with the toys in his activity center in their intended manner (i.e., spinning the spinners and pushing the pushers) and (just today, in fact) batting and grabbing at the toys hanging from his activity mat. He is a little playing machine!

It is so amazing and amazingly fun to see Oliver beginning to interact with the world around him. The look of intense focus as he tries to get a toy to do something, followed by the bright-eyed smile when he succeeds, is hard to beat. Of course, I would be lying if I said that I was not more than a little happy that Oliver’s favorite “toys” continue to be his Mommy and Daddy!

Wrestling his Duckie (a gift from Daddy)!

Big Boy in his Bumbo with Sophie!

Noshing on his Winkel

Snuggling his Sheepie (another gift from Daddy)

Figuring it all out!

I'm Gonna Get You!

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5 Responses to Toys, Glorious Toys!

  1. laurapayette says:

    Wow, Shelby still can’t really hold anything. I’ve tried putting rattles and such in her hands. She doesn’t even notice…yet. She does, however, LOVE her activity mat. She bats wildly at her “friends” and wiggles all around. She can’t quite grab things yet, at least not intentionally, but she’s getting there. It’s amazing how fast babies change and grow, isn’t it? So fun!

    • hautemomma says:

      It is amazing! I swear, one day, zero interest in toys, the next, he was playing with everything. They change so, so fast!

      Oliver is just starting to develop an interest in his activity mat — you just never know what will strike their fancy 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness! He looks so big! And handsome!! I can’t wait to come and visit!!!!

  3. Kristine a/k/a GDMama says:

    So, like, I say this at every developmental stage, but this is such a WONDERFUL time for little babies! I remember when Alice first started really getting into her playmat and then sitting in her bouncey walker (although they don’t walk anymore, I can’t remember what they are called!). She would crack herself up for what seemed like hours. Just pushing and pulling on the toys and bouncing up and down and laughing and laughing. It was like she couldn’t believe how cool it was that her hand was touching those colorful and crunchy and squishy and soft things and moving them and making noises with them. She was so amazed with herself (she still is). Oliver has those bright eyes and that incredibly innocent look of wonder. How totally marvelous.

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