Five Years (and Two Weeks)

May 21, 2005

Two weeks ago, Vik and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Meemaw and PawPaw babysat Oliver while we went out for drinks at the Drake hotel, had dinner at Rosebud Steakhouse (where I finally got to indulge in a couple lemondrop martinis), and saw the show Billy Elliot at the Oriental Theater. It was a fantastic evening, celebrating five (mostly) fantastic years of marriage …

Five years and two weeks ago today, Vik and I were married on a cloudless May day (which had been preceded by a week of terrible thunderstorms) in my rural Virginia hometown. Friends and family flew in from all over the world to share in our big day. I wore a dress made by my Mom, jewelry picked out by my Dad, and felt stunningly beautiful. We had an outdoor barbecue reception in my Grandparents’ front-yard. We laughed, danced, ate, and drank the day away.

Everything about our wedding day was so much more perfect, fun, and special than I could ever have dreamed. The same can be said of the five years that have followed.

We have been through so many changes since getting married — me finishing law school in Philadelphia, a move back to Wisconsin, designing and building a home and then selling that home (at a substantial loss) less than a year later, a move to Chicago and accompanying job changes, trying for a baby, succeeding, and then having a baby — and yet despite the challenges and stressors that each transition presented, we have always managed to emerge stronger, closer, and happier than before.

Vik, you are an unconditionally indulgent supportive partner, and this capricious woman will always be so, so grateful to have someone in her life who is as invested in her happiness and fulfillment as she is (perhaps even more so). You indulge my silly side, tolerate my moody impatient side, and always make me feel as though I absolutely deserve this wonderful life that we have built together. Although it may seem like I am pathologically incapable of establishing roots and settling in, that could not be farther from the truth — you are my roots, my anchor.

I love you so much and thank God every day that you and I are in this together!

May 22, 2010

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5 Responses to Five Years (and Two Weeks)

  1. lhey says:

    Wow, sounds like a great 5 years! A happy “forevermore” to come for you guys! Stay happy and God bless! 🙂


  2. man says:

    congratulations on five years!

    where in virginia are you from? my husband was born and raised in lynchburg!

    • hautemomma says:

      I grew up just east of Lynchburg (Buckingham) — Lynchburg was actually the closest “city” to us, so we spent a lot of time there. I also went to Lynchburg College 🙂

  3. small world! sounds like my husband probably went to high school with people you went to college with; he’s a couple years older than you, though.

    p.s. i loved your post with all of oliver’s hair do’s and don’ts. our little guy only has hair left for a cute little red mohawk and a cheap looking comb over.

  4. Natalie says:

    I stumbled on your blog while passing time on the Baby Center website. I feel a special connection to Indian/American couples- my husband is from Delhi. I have a 5 month old son, and a 2 year old daughter. What area of Chicago are you in? We’re on the NW side. Might be fun to meet!

    Take care,

    Natalie Anthony

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