Dear Playtex

Dear Playtex,

Thank you for making a bottle my son, Oliver, likes.

After spending hundreds of dollars on some of the most expensive and technologically advanced bottles available, all of which our darling son refused to take, Mommy picked up one of your very simple and inexpensive original drop-in bottle systems at the local CVS. Little Oliver latched on to the old-school latex nipple like it was made of candy and quickly (and without complaint!) sucked down four ounces. Initially cautiously optimistic, we are now happy to report that Oliver has taken your bottle on five more occasions, each time happily knocking back a full feed.

I would love to chat some more, but I am on my way out … sans baby!


One Happy and Relieved Momma

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1 Response to Dear Playtex

  1. laurapayette says:

    We tried the original Drop-Ins, but they didn’t work great for us. I’ll try them again in a few weeks to see if that changes. We also have gone through several bottles and are currently using Dr. Browns, along with the Medela bottles that I pump into. Hopefully, you have some friends whose babies might be able to use Oliver’s unwanted bottles. Glad you found something that works!

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