The Big Head Phenomenon?

What Vik Now Sees!

So, Oliver has a normal-sized baby head, which is to say that his head, although large for his body, is still much smaller than an adult head. Vik and I each spend a lot of time kissing on that sweet little head, and with it nuzzled up close against us while he sleeps. Yesterday, as Vik and I were taking advantage of a rare free moment to steal a kiss, we realized that compared to the relative smallness of Oliver’s now all-too familiar head, our heads seem, well, gigantic. In the middle of our kiss, we both burst out laughing and said, “Oh my goodness, your head is so HUGE!”

The fact that both of us had this reaction has led me to wonder, is this a common phenomenon? Do most couples with a new baby suddenly find that their significant other’s head seems unusually, and perhaps even disturbingly, large? Or, equally plausible, are we just strange? Either way, please let me know by taking my poll!

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2 Responses to The Big Head Phenomenon?

  1. Sarah says:

    Having no kid, I can’t speak from experience. But having you as my strange sister, I’d say you guys are probably just weird..! But oh so lovable, lol.

  2. laurapayette says:

    I voted yes. My husband’s head looks huge next to Shelby’s! Hers has already grown a noticeable amount, but still…the difference between the two of them is crazy!

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