Nesting (and an Update)

When people find out I am overdue, they assume I must be going absolutely crazy. While I am increasingly anxious to meet my little guy, I have to admit that I have enjoyed having these extra few days to sleep, watch terrible television, and indulge in my new favorite pastime … NESTING!

Over the course of the third trimester, Vik and I have completed the nursery, washed and folded all of Master Duck’s clothes and linens, prepped all of his cloth diapers (a surprisingly time-consuming endeavor), hauled at least three carloads of stuff to the Salvation Army (to make room for all of the baby’s surprisingly bulky gear), and cleaned out and organized pretty much every cabinet in the townhouse. This place has never been so clean and well-organized!

During the past week, my nesting instinct obsession has kicked into high gear. I spent all day Saturday cooking and freezing enough meals for a month (spaghetti and meatballs, vegetable beef stew, chili, mac and cheese, carrot cake cupcakes, and sloppy joes), and then spent my Sunday building dividers for and organizing every drawer in the kitchen.

Here are just a few pictures documenting what Vik and I have been doing to keep ourselves occupied:

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

I *HEART* Bins

Maxwell in the Ergo

Learning to Use the Ergo Carrier (with some help from Maxwell)

We May Not Sleep, But We Will Eat!

And now for an update: We went to the OB this morning for some non-stress testing to make sure that Master Duck is still thriving. His heart rate and activity level, and my amniotic fluid levels, were all perfect, which means that there is no danger allowing the pregnancy to continue for (at least) another week. We will have another round of tests on Monday to see whether it is safe to proceed until 42 weeks (at which point I would have to be induced). Fingers and toes crossed that this little guy decides to come on his own before the scheduled eviction!

For your listening pleasure, here is an audiofile of Master Duck’s heartbeat that Vik recorded during today’s testing (it sounds like a horserace!):

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2 Responses to Nesting (and an Update)

  1. mom says:

    Sounds like a symphony of love. I am crying and anxiously awaiting my grandson’s arrival.
    Thank you Vik for recording that.

  2. hautemomma2B says:

    Hahaha! Just to show how unpredictable childbirth can be — I went into labor a mere 3 hours after creating this post, and Master Duck entered the world the following morning!

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