Well (Past) Done

The timer has popped out — this baby is officially fully cooked! Now if only I could figure out how to get him out of the oven …

40.5 Weeks

Still Lovin' the Bump

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1 Response to Well (Past) Done

  1. man says:

    hey! i just found your blog on babycenter.com, looking for others who were past their due date, but still had a good attitude, and i have to tell you, there aren’t a lot of us around! i’m only a day past, but i feel like the world wants me to either be really bitter about it, or to just concede and sign up for a c-section already.

    thanks for you positive attitude and spirit; it’s really refreshing and made my day better to find that it’s ok to be past our due dates and still smiling!

    take care, good luck, and thanks!!

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