Baby on the Brain!

Yesterday, Vik and I toured the hospital where our little man will be delivered. It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, with huge delivery rooms and comfortable postpartum rooms (they even have little pull-out sleepers for the husbands). Some of the rooms even have beautiful lake views, and I have made Vik promise that he will push for one of these elusive “rooms with a view”!

While on the tour, we walked past the nursery and there was one tightly swaddled bundle of joy in there. He was so unbelievably sweet, looking around the room, smacking his lips, and yawning. The entire tour came to a screeching halt while half-a-dozen very pregnant women crowded around the window to ooooh and ahhhh over the little sweetie.

As I walked away from the nursery, and the new baby resting inside, I was suddenly overcome with an intense desire to meet/see/hold MY baby. Prior to that moment, I was at peace with the fact that “he would come when ready,” and was actually hoping for at least one more relaxing weekend alone with Vik before the big day. Now, all that calm is out the window. I am now completely and totally consumed by a desire to meet MY son! Fingers crossed that he is just as ready to meet us!

On a somewhat related note, my OB’s office is located in the same building as the corporate headquarters for Playboy Enterprises (big surprise that Vik found/selected our OB). We could not resist having some fun with that!

A Bunny with a Bump

My Honey Bunny

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1 Response to Baby on the Brain!

  1. Mom says:

    It’s time. My calendar says March 10th. It is written in red letters!

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