Not One of the Lucky 10%

Up to ninety percent of pregnant women get stretch marks. I knew this going in. So, I should not have been surprised when on Sunday, I found some on either side of my lower belly. But I was. Completely surprised shocked. And horrified. And angry. I stared at them in the mirror for a solid five minutes, and then I threw myself down on the bed … and cried.


It just seems so unfair. I have stayed active, gained a reasonable and healthy amount of weight, and religiously slathered my belly with over-priced (and, apparently, under-effective) belly butter. And yet, here I am, my belly permanently branded by the marks of pregnancy.

Vik, bless his heart, tried to console me by telling me that they will be beautiful reminders of the fact that I have had a baby. Honestly, I would prefer a piece of jewelry.


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4 Responses to Not One of the Lucky 10%

  1. Sarah says:

    You know what? Everyone is going to be so enthralled by your supremely adorable son that no one will even look at you[r stretchmarks]. So there. And really, the only person that will regularly see said stretchmarks also won’t care, and will love you regardless. And even the people that don’t regularly see them.

    Love you!!!

  2. laurapayette says:

    I finally got some stretch marks, too. And now with every passing week they grow a little more. Grrrrr. I’m so close to the end; I, too, thought I’d make it without any. Oh well.

  3. gretchen says:

    this post cracked me up–you’re cute even when you’re angry! and i totally agree re: jewelry. 🙂

    hang in there! just a few more days, and we are all very excited to meet mr. duck and support you and vik as you officially become new parents!

  4. marngrayk says:

    this post is totally funny… i mean, im sure its not funny for you, but its definitely amusing to read. i felt the same way as you…it was about a week ago…i was 35 weeks or so, when i found 2 tiny stretch marks on one side low by my hip. i was pissed. i was like, “how dare you appear??” i guess its just one of those things we have to live with…and hope that it doesnt get worse! i am enjoying reading your blog 🙂


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