…we continue to marvel at his magical prowess…

My son has been quite the magician these past few days. He’s been working hard on mastering the mysterious art of illusion. He makes a GRAND appearance – and I mean GRAND – elbows, knees, hands, and feet flailing about and mysteriously poking out the side of his mama’s belly. He provides unscheduled (albeit extraordinarily entertaining) “sessions” of squirming and squiggling in his mamma’s belly. And the list goes on and on…

And then… nothing! Seconds turn into minutes; minutes into hours… And the anticipation (er, I mean, anxiety, really) builds exponentially. He has such a way about his mysterious disappearance acts that he must have trained under the great Houdini, one would think. These bouts of mysterious quiescence often result in mommy and daddy frantically trying to get the magician to reappear – tempting and enticing him with sweets, sugar, caffeine (just a little, relax), carbs, and any other nutritious foods at hand. Most times it works, but sometimes it takes a while before Ducky The Great decides to reappear. I understand that this is part of his charm, part of his program, part of his routine – but, honesty, I could do well without the anxiety anticipation!

However, in the end, we continue to marvel at his magical prowess combined with his fantastic acrobatic skills, and are only happy when he’s whaling on the insides of his mommy…

I can’t wait to meet this kid!

PS: The ¿…? was on account of the fact that I’m presently en route to Madrid (business trip, of course) for a few days. Viva la vida!

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2 Responses to ¿…Who-Dee-Knee…?

  1. hautemomma2B says:

    Honey, you are supposed to lie and say we try to lure him out with organic fruit juice and the like!

  2. hautemomma2B says:

    On this topic, I actually ended up calling the doctor today because the Little One’s movement has slowed down so much ove the last coupe of days (but not stopped, of course). I couldn’t stop obsessing over it, so I just went ahead and called. Apparently, this is perfectly normal — he is probably just getting cramped in there and cannot move as much . . .

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