Bottom Ten, Top Five

At times, pregnancy seems like one great-long list of things you are not allowed to eat, or drink, or do. At the same time, many of the (seemingly few) things that you can eat, or drink, or do, become impossible thanks to your ever-expanding abdomen. Here are just a few of the many things I have been missing:

(1) Lemondrop martinis;

(2) Sleeping on my back or tummy;

(3) My oh-so adorable fitted suits and dresses (my two main motivations for dropping this weight post-baby are named Nanette Lepore and Milly!);

(4) Champagne;

(5) Medium-rare ribeye steaks;

(6) The ability to look at a menu without seeing 30 dishes that could potentially kill my baby;

(7) Rum and Cokes;

(8) My waistline (or, more accurately, just having a waistline at all);

(9) The ability to paint my own toenails; and

(10) Sushi.

Of course, pregnancy has its perks as well (aside from the obvious pay-off at the end). I would love to insert another top (or, rather, bottom) ten list at this point, but I unfortunately can only come up with five things I am loving about being pregnant:

(1) I have a 9-month reprieve from litter changing duties;

(2) I no longer have to carry anything in from the car;

(3) I am able to secure a coveted seat on the rush-hour train at least 50% of the time;

(4) I never have to worry about sucking in my tummy; and

(5) Baby kicks (which are way more entertaining than television).

Of course, even if the negatives outweighed the positives 200 to 1 (and by the time this is all over and done with, that may very well be the case), I have to believe it will still all be worth it in the end!

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