The Danger Zone

When you are pregnant, threats to your baby’s health seem to lurk everywhere.

If you read enough pregnancy books, blogs, and online discussion boards, then you will come to believe that your sweet little kitties are toxic demons; that the lattes you chugged before you even knew you were pregnant have caused your baby to develop ADD, and the second-hand exposure to the paint fumes emitted when your husband painted the nursery, asthma; that you have contracted any number of potentially deadly, yet virtually undetectable, conditions as a result of the soft-cheese appetizer you sampled at the company holiday party; and that you will cut-off all blood and oxygen supply to your precious little one should you happen to roll over onto your back in your sleep. Not to mention, of course, the countless environmental and food hazards you have carelessly unwittingly exposed your poor defenseless fetus to.

It is enough to make you wonder how in the world the human race has not yet gone extinct . . .

The book "Safe Baby, Pregancy Tips" is full of helpful advice . . .

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