Rounding Third!

I had my last monthly OB appointment today (from here on out, it is every 1-2 weeks!), and everything went great! I am measuring right where I should be (which means Duckie’s growth is right on track) and his heartbeat was strong and regular. The doctor said everything looks perfect, which was great to hear.

Of course, the most important thing is that I did NOT post another 9 pound weight gain this month! I was quite relieved to see that I had only jumped up another two pounds, although I am unfortunately anticipating another big huge jump at my post-Christmas appointment!

Vik has promised that he will make sure I go on long walks with him every day to help burn off the pounds of fudge, cookies, and chex mix I am likely to consume at my parent’s house, but I am pretty sure I would have to run daily marathons to counter-balance all of that yummy goodness!

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1 Response to Rounding Third!

  1. mom says:

    What makes you think mom is cooking all those yummy goodies?

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