Two Down, One to Go!

How do we tell the difference between a hungry cry, a sick cry, a sleepy cry, and an “I am just crying for the sake of crying” cry?

Today is the beginning of my third (and final) trimester!  In just three short months, Vik and I will leave for the hospital as a couple and come home as a family.

As excited as I am to welcome our little bundle of joy into the world and into our lives, I must confess that I am also starting to freak out a little (okay, a lot) about the whole thing.

Every day, I think of at least 10 more things that we have to do or buy before he arrives, and then I look at our calendar and realize that we have about 5 free days in the next three months to get it all done!

It also seems like there are no less than 100 decisions we have to make before we bring home baby, and with all of the conflicting and alarmist research out there, we do not even know where to begin. Should he sleep in our room or in his nursery, and if he sleeps in our room, is a bassinet safe or do we need to make room for a crib? Should we use cloth diapers or disposables? What pediatrician will we use? Should we bank his cord blood or let it flow back into his body? When should we introduce bottles?

Of course, aside from all of these practical considerations is the fact that Vik and I have absolutely no idea how to care for a newborn baby! How do we tell the difference between a hungry cry, a sick cry, a sleepy cry, and an “I am just crying for the sake of crying” cry? What if we feed him too much, or not enough?  How will we cope with the lack of sleep? What do we do if he won’t eat, or sleep?

When we first found out we were expecting, it seemed like we had forever to figure all of this out and get everything done . . . Oh how naive we were!

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2 Responses to Two Down, One to Go!

  1. Kate says:

    You are not alone my friend! I’ve got the same worries, but I’m sure those built in mommy-genes will kick in and we’ll figure it all out. This time next year we’ll be pros 🙂

    -Kate (Due 03/19/10)

  2. GDMomma says:

    Rest assured that the basics will be taught at Prentice! We had no idea how to change a diaper or how to monitor Alice’s hunger and when to feed her or if she was just cold or had gassies! Seriously, we had no idea. They are wonderful at Prentice, truly wonderful. Basically at first little baby people are just hungry, poopy, tired or cold. You are trained by those little creatures to learn which cry means which concern! I must say too that we learned so much from reading and from asking friends. Some times you won’t get it right, but you will learn because you are both awesome and amazing!

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