Belly Shots!

Vik and I had another photo shoot last night (our first was at 18 weeks).  Our original plan was to take photos every four weeks but, well, our babymoon and then swine flu (more on that later) got in the way.  We promise, however, to try to do better in the third trimester — which is less than two weeks away!

I have to admit that I am sort of loving the baby bump right now.  It is not so huge that it is uncomfortable, but it is big enough that people can tell I am pregnant (as opposed to paunchy).  I love how womanly it is, and how the skin is soft and tight. But most of all, I just love laying in bed with my hands on my belly, feeling our precious little baby flip, kick, and punch to his heart’s content.

Anyway, enough with the bump love-fest.  Without further ado, here are some photos of my belly at 25 (+1/2) weeks, plus one at 18 weeks for comparison’s sake.

Rockin' the Bare Midriff!

Lovin' 25.5 Weeks

Belly in the Buff!

Belly at 18 Weeks!

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