Showing, Showing, Gone . . .

… My body, that is.

Up until this morning, I had been feeling really good about myself, patting myself on the back for gaining weight throughout this pregnancy at such a slow and steady rate — from my first appointment through my 20-week appointment, I gained only 3 pounds.

I was feeling quite proud that although my belly gets more and more inflated every day, my butt was not expanding at all (as evidenced by the fact that I can still pull on my pre-pregnancy jeans — of course, I cannot button them, but that is the baby’s fault, not mine). I reveled in the fact that although I am obviously pregnant from the side and front, my rear view has heretofore remained unchanged.

All of this self-satisfaction was knocked out of me at this morning’s OB appointment.  Although I ate basically the same breakfast I always do, wore the same light-weight clothes and the same ballet flats, when I stepped on the scale, the number was oh-so-much higher than anticipated. Shocked, I did what any reasonable woman would do and convinced myself that it was an error, that the scale was wrong.

You see, normally the nurse checks my weight on a digital scale, but this morning, she checked it on one of those government-issue manual scales (you know, the kind you find in school nurses’ offices all over the country). So, I politely asked the nurse if she would mind going with me to the other side of the office and checking my weight on the other, kinder, scale.

BIG mistake, since I weighed half-a-pound more on that bastard digital scale than I did on that antiquity from the other side of the office! At that point I was forced to face the cold-hard truth: I had somehow managed to gain 9 pounds in four weeks! And, I know that is not all baby, since he only gained a pound during the same time span.

The doctor tried to tell me that I was still on track for a healthy total weight gain, that every woman has one appointment where she shows a big jump in weight and this was apparently mine. But, I know the truth — that with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, this is the beginning of the end.

Soon, I will look pregnant from any angle.

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1 Response to Showing, Showing, Gone . . .

  1. amylynnp says:

    It’s normal! My doctor would get concerned about me because I would not gain a single pound until about 22 weeks, and then all of a sudden the weight started pouring on. Not to scare you, but in my 3rd trimester I managed to gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks! As long as you’re not overdoing it on the bad foods then I would say it’s normal. Plus my doctor told me that a lot of it was water weight and fluids since pregnant women have a tendency to retain water. It’s never fun to see the scale go up, but it’s what your baby needs. It’s just one of the sacrifices we mommies make for our babies.


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