About 15 minutes into the experiment, Master Duck lined up what felt like a penalty kick, and then proceeded to bend it like Beckham!

Looks like our little Master Duck is a soccer fan. JoAnne kept feeling more and more intense (and regular) kicks over the past few days, and last night, I was finally able to feel one myself! We were in bed watching TV and I had my hand on JoAnne’s little baby bump (note that I didn’t refer to it as “the belly”) hoping to feel something. Feel something I did! About 15 minutes into the experiment, Master Duck lined up what felt like a penalty kick, and then proceeded to bend it like Beckham! My hand literally lost contact with JoAnne’s baby bump – such was the intensity of the kick. I was over the moon!

I can’t wait for the little guy to continue developing healthily, and continue providing entertainment via kicks and nudges; although, I feel bad for JoAnne’s internals as no internals can be happy getting kicked, punched, and generally abused…

Now, let’s rewind a little bit to earlier in the day yesterday when we actually had our BIG ONE (i.e., the 20 week ultrasound). It was scheduled to last an hour, and was to start at 10; it started at 10:20, and lasted 2 hours. JoAnne and I were very excited, super nervous, and extremely anxious prior to the BIG ONE; I couldn’t sleep at all the night before, and neither could JoAnne. We were hoping and praying that our little duck was making great developmental progress and that everything was in order. We wanted duckie to earn several gold stars during the ultrasound.

A few minutes into the procedure, we both exhaled with so much relief – we saw the little duck move around, tossing and turning! Our ultrasound tech continued to walk us through the different parts and organs – the femur, the tibia, the kidneys, the diaphragm, the ear, the nose, the eyes, the penis… When the tech first saw the little boy part, she said: Congratulations, you guys are having a baby boy! JoAnne and I both looked at each other and we were entirely overwhelmed with emotion. Neither of us had a preferred gender at that time – but it was such a proud and emotional moment for us to know that we were going to be parents of a little baby BOY. Note, however, that I did ask the ultrasound tech whether she was sure it was a little boy and not a little girl with her finger strategically placed down there. I was, of course, only joking (mostly); but, regardless of being assured by the tech, I received proof positive several times during the ultrasound (see below).

Now, about those gold stars… Duckie put on an almost flawless performance, providing the ultrasound tech with great positions for almost all the requisite images. The little guy was exceptionally happy, for some reason, displaying his little boy parts. He flashed his junk at least 7 or 8 times during the ultrasound; the tech couldn’t move the ultrasound wand without catching another glimpse of the little wee-wee. However, the little guy was also very resolute (aka hard-headed) and wouldn’t provide a clear shot of a specific angle of the heart, so JoAnne has to go back in a couple weeks for round 2. The Dr. isn’t worried – the heart is great and everything is in order; however, they need to be certain that absolutely EVERYTHING is in order, so they want JoAnne to go back for the final few images. So, I’m sorry to report that the little duck was one gold star shy of a perfect result. Oh, well – not everyone can be a perfectionist genius like JoAnne…

We’ll post pictures from the ultrasound soon. Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Man-U

  1. amylynnp says:

    You’d better get your rest now! If you little man is that active in JoAnne’s belly he is going to be a wild one on the outside too! Both of our kids were the same way, and, well…you’ve seen them 🙂

    Congratulations! We’re very happy to hear that everything looked great, and that there will be a mini-Vik gracing our presence in the not too distant future!

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