Random Poll of the Week . . .

So, I have noticed that people tend to fall dinstinctly into one of two camps when it comes to baby gender determination.  Either they cannot fathom why anyone would not want to know as soon as possible, or they think knowing in advance spoils the greatest surpise ever.

Vik and I definitely fall into the former camp.  There was never any serious discussion as to whether we would find out the gender of our Little Bean — why in the world wouldn’t we?!?  (We find out on October 22nd, by the way, so stay tuned!).

I am curious as to where other people fall in this great debate.  And, if you have children already and did or did not find out the gender in advance, I would love to hear your thoughts as to whether you wish you had done it differently.

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3 Responses to Random Poll of the Week . . .

  1. amylynnp says:

    As you know, we didn’t find out with Madeline, but we did with Anthony. It was really fun having it be a surprise, and I will never forget the moment she came out and the doctor checked to see what she was and announced it. However, if we were to have another child we would definitely find out the sex again. I didn’t feel like it took anything away from the experience at all. One nice thing about not finding out the sex with the first one is that it forces you to buy a lot of gender neutral stuff (like car seats, swings, bouncy seats, bedding, etc) so it can be reused with subsequent children. I think if I would have found out I was having a girl I would have been tempted to go overboard with the pink just because it would have been so much fun!

  2. teambaby says:

    I’m not going to find out. My main concern is about gender pigeonholing. As someone who was not raised to be super girly but wasn’t an out-and-out tomboy either, it would start to bother me if people were like “Oh he’s gonna be an astronaut” or “I wonder if she’ll be a cheerleader.” I know it’s a silly concern, but I want to make sure my baby gets to choose how he or she is, and if he wants to wear dresses or she wants to be a baseball player, that’s fine with me. To me the physical gender is only one small part of a person, and why find out only that one small thing when it really doesn’t tell me anything significant about my baby’s personality or character?

    That said, I usually just tell people “Oh, there are so few surprises in life!” so I don’t sound like I’m up on my soapbox airing my pet peeves. 🙂

  3. Sejal says:

    I loved finding it out. I didn’t think that all my excitement was gone! I loved being prepared and yet did not collect all blue clothes! It was a wonderful experience to decide with Rajesh that Jay was being named after his Dada. I would have been happy to know if it was a girl too! But not knowing was difficult for me!

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