It’s a . . .

We heard the little duck’s heartbeat – a strong 160 beats a minute!

We had our scheduled 16 week Dr. visit today, and everything was A-OK. JoAnne was worried that she’d put on “a lot of weight”, but she’s only 1 lb. over where she was 4 weeks ago (totally normal; Dr. is happy with her weight progress). Everything else in all other departments are also fine, so we’re making really good progress.

We heard the little duck’s heartbeat – a strong 160 beats a minute! I was trying to get the heartbeat recorded on my phone, but I was so excited that I completely flubbed the recording, and instead started recording after the Dr. had put the heart beat thingy away. This gave JoAnne some good fodder to harass me all day… Better luck next time, I guess.

So, according to some websites and various books, a rapid heart rate indicates a girl, while a slightly more relaxed heart rate indicates a boy. We will find out for certain in about 5 weeks at the ~20 week  ultrasound. While I will personally refrain from (openly) discussing my bias, and while the little duck (master or miss) will be loved, spoiled, and pampered, there are a lot of folks in our family that are hoping for a baby girl Duckie. I want to start a betting pool, but JoAnne won’t let me. Oh, well…

In other very exciting news, we just found out that our close friends (A & R) in Chicago are also expecting their first baby – sometime late February 2010! The funny part is that they got married exactly a week before we did, and they are expecting their baby exactly a week before we are. How random (and cool) is that? JoAnne is super thrilled that she’ll have  a good friend to go through the experience with; I’m kicked that I get to talk to a buddy about becoming a first-time dad.


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3 Responses to It’s a . . .

  1. hautemomma2B says:

    For the record, I am only up 1/2 pound, and that is from THREE months ago. So, even though I feel like I am getting huge (my clothes don’t fit anymore!), I am apparently just shifting weight around!

  2. amylynnp says:

    The heartbeat theory was right for us. Madeline’s heartbeat was always in the 160’s and Anthony’s tended to be more in the 120’s. You guys should rent a doppler to use at home to listen to the heartbeat. We did that with Madeline. It was actually really great because anytime I started to freak out that she wasn’t moving enough, or some other crazy thing was not “right” I would pull out my trusty doppler and listen to the heartbeat to reassure myself that I was just a psychotic, over-anxious first time mom-to-be 🙂

  3. Well congratulations! It’s amazing hearing that heart beat for the first time!

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