A Shout-Out to Our Friends

In previous posts, Vik and I each wrote about the reactions of our parents to the “Big News.”  What we neglected to mention, but what has meant just as much to us, are the wonderfully joyous reactions of our friends.

As many of you reading this blog know, Vik and I both live pretty far away from our families.  Vik’s immediate family lives in India and Dubai, and my immediate family lives in Virginia (except my sister, who goes to school in Wisconsin).  And, neither of us has any family at all in our part of the Midwest (again, with the exception of my sister) — I guess they had sense enough to stay clinging to warmer rocks!

At first, it was very hard for us to be so far away from our families, and sometimes, it still is (yes, Mom, I know it is always much much harder for you!).

When we were first married, we did not have the benefit of a default ride to the airport, a recurring place to eat Sunday dinner, a designated pet-sitter, or all of the other oft-unappreciated conveniences that come from having family nearby.  But, over the past 4+ years, something wonderful has happened — we have developed a tremendous support system of dear friends who have stepped up to fill these roles in our lives.

At this point, we honestly have more “family” in the Midwest than we know what to do with!

Given the fact that our wonderful friends have always been such a tremendous source of support for us, it really should not have come as a surprise that they reacted with as much genuine joy and enthusiasm as they did when we shared our news with them.  But, it was a surprise, and a very pleasant one at that.

So, to our wonderful friends, this entry is an uncharacteristic display of sentimentality on my part to let you know that Vik and I have felt so loved and supported by your reactions to our news, and we are beyond elated to know that our Little Bean will be surrounded by a small army of aunts and uncles who will love and support her too!

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