Hello World!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted.  For the most part, we have been in something of a holding pattern.  Still nauseous, still exhausted, and still worried about everything.  But anyway, on to some exciting news . . .

Vik and I went to the hospital yesterday for my dating ultrasound.  I was pretty stressed going into it because, well, worrying is apparently what pregnant women do best.  Thankfully, however, the stress was all for naught and everything was perfectly fine!

We had a wonderful sonographer who explained all of Little Bean’s activities to us and who was also really good about reassuring us that everything was normal and looked great; I guess she is used to working with neurotic first time Moms. Anyway, Little Bean was not keen on cooperating for a good “crown-to-rump” measurement, because he* kept curling up into the fetal position (they think he is about 4cm right now).  He also rolled over quite a bit, showing us his back and bottom.  That was pretty cute.

The highlight, though, was when the sonographer first put her wand on my tummy and Little Bean popped up on the screen and then threw his arm up in the “air” and wiggled it around.  It looked like he was saying “Hello World!  Here I am, and I am cute!”  It was a heart-melting moment.  Little Bean also kicked his foot up in the air a few times, which was adorable.

Seeing Little Bean moving around in my belly was really amazing, and I am so thankful that modern science makes it possible to experience these little miracles.  I feel a sense of awe every time I think about the fact that there is a waving, kicking, tumbling bundle of love in my tummy.  I cannot wait to meet him!

Here is a photo of Little Bean waving his arms in the air (around his head) and kicking his leg.  Vik thinks he is getting ready to roll over.  I call this the “nah nah nah nah boo boo” pose 🙂

Little Bean 11 Weeks

And here is a photo of Little Bean laying on his back, kicking his leg up in the air.  If you look closely, you can see the teeny little toes!

Little Bean 11 Weeks(2)

* NOTE:  We do not yet know Little Bean’s gender.  We just find it easier to use the pronoun she or he, as opposed to s/he and his/her!

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