Start Spreading the News!

This past weekend Vik and I drove to my Grandma’s house in NW Iowa.  My Mom and Dad were there visiting, so we decided it would be an ideal time to visit.   Also, we wanted to tell my Mom and Dad about Little Bean in person, and this visit seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  

We decided several weeks ago that we would share the news with my Mom, Dad, and a few other immediate family members in a somewhat creative way.   The idea we came up with was to order custom-made onesies with cute sayings that were personal to each recipient.

My Dad’s onesie said “Angel Baby v2.0 – Enhanced cuteness for optimal spoiling” (Angel Baby is my Dad’s nickname for me), and my Mom’s onesie said “My pinkie may be small, but I’ve already wrapped my Gammie around it” (Gammie is the moniker given to my Mom by my brother’s son, Wyatt). 

My Mom's Onesie

My Mom's Onesie

My Dad's Onesie

My Dad's Onesie

For the “big reveal,” we wrapped my Mom and Dad’s onesies up and asked them to come down to the basement to open some presents. 

When my Mom pulled the lid off of her package and saw the word “Gammie,” she immediately (no exaggeration) shrieked, threw the package to the ground, and lunged towards me.  She enveloped me in a huge bear hug and just kept sobbing about how happy she was.  It was really very sweet, and we could not have asked for a more enthusiastic and joyful response to our news!

My poor Dad initially seemed more confused than anything else.  When he first opened the package, he had this look on his face like, “What is this crap?  There is no way this bodysuit will fit me.”  I think the significance of the onesie hit him when he saw my Mom blabbering like crazy and congratulating me (although I think he was still a little puzzled by just how extreme my Mom’s reaction was).  Eventually, my Dad just started asking over and over again “Are you sure?”.  I am not sure what he was trying to get at, but I could tell he was excited too.  He hugged me and told me “Congratulations” and said, “That is very cool.”  He also said that he hopes it is a little girl because they are easier to spoil 🙂   

Vik and I were so happy to finally share our news with my parents.  Other than them, the only person who knows (so far) is my little sister.  We told her almost right away, mainly because I tell her everything (and she is very good at keeping my secrets).  We plan on telling the rest of our families after our 12 week appointment.  I am sure they will all be excited too, but I seriously doubt anyone will be able to trump my Mom in terms of sheer enthusiasm!

My Mom's Reaction!

My Mom's Reaction!

On a side note, we ordered our onesies from  I would highly recommend them — they were inexpensive (relative to other custom printers) and looked great! 

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