The best present, ever?

It was when I first saw this strong heartbeat that I realized that the little duck was positively the best present that I could have ever received.

I’ve been mulling over this for a while, and have reached a firm conclusion: our little duck (as I refer to our little bean) is the best present that I have received, ever. Little Duck

My Dad has said to me several times that the happiest moment in his life was when he held me right after I was born. I thought that was just another overly-emotional sentiment that he was expressing. However, I must confess that I got extremely overwhelmed and overcome with joy, love, and an indescribable high, when I first saw the little duck’s heart beat at our most recent visit to the baby doctor. If I was overcome by such great emotion just looking at the 150 beat-a-minute tiny heart, and a little blob that is our duck (with a crown-rump-length of 1.07cm, nonetheless!), imagine what I’ll feel when the little thing is born! Maybe my Dad was onto something…

It was when I first saw this strong heartbeat that I realized that the little duck was positively the best present that I could have ever received. It may, at first, seem awkward to consider a baby in the same category as, say, a digital SLR camera or a nice pocket knife, or whatever it is that you might want as a gift. But, I really do think that our duck is a present from my wife to me, while she toils away and bears the brunt of the side effects of said present. I could not ask for a better present, and could not imagine one either (although an upgrade for my DSLR sounds pretty good). But, at the same time, this makes me feel slightly selfish.

It’s par for the course (I guess), but the discomfort, and downright nasty side effects that my wife is experiencing makes me feel selfish. She has constant heartburn, wants to throw up all the time, is either starving, or can’t think of food, is sleepy constantly, and her stomach feels yucky nonstop. While I feel (or used to, anyhow) jealous that she’s “bonding” the most with the little duck, I feel really terrible that she feels so cruddy all the time. I wish that there was a way for us to enjoy the little duck’s entry into this world without all the side effects for her mommy – but I guess that’s just not how it works.

So, I say to my lovely wife, who has decided to give up her body for the best present ever: I love you so much! You are the most beautiful, gorgeous, and loving person I’ve ever known. Thank you, honey!

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1 Response to The best present, ever?

  1. hautemomma2B says:

    Too funny that at the same moment you were uploading this post, I was upstairs throwing up!

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