Stopping to Smell the Roses?

No Puking

So, I did something on the way home from work today that I have not done since my grad school days . . . 

I threw up in someone’s flower bed.

As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, my tummy has been a living, breathing Pepto Bismol commercial lately (nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach . . . you get the point ).  Well, that was apparently mere child’s play.

I left work early today (5:30) because I was feeling exhausted and a little sick, and since the weather was nice, I decided to walk home.  I made it about 3 blocks when I started gagging uncontrollably.  That is not unusual these days, so I thought it would pass.  However, it quickly became apparent that this was no false alarm.  

With no trash bins in sight, and not wanting to ruin my limited edition Coach legacy bag, I had no choice but to hightail it down a side street and release the contents of my stomach into some unsuspecting homeowner’s flower bed.  I can only imagine what the stream of rush hour travelers meandering down the street were thinking about this young woman in business clothes hurling into someone’s yard at 5:30 in the afternoon!

Oh, the joys of creating a new life . . . 

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