The Waiting Game

So, as it turns out, early pregnancy is somewhat, well, boring.

You are not yet exhibiting any significant symptoms, you are just bustier and more lazy sleepy than usual.  You have not yet told anyone your big news, so there is no one to talk to about the changes taking place (other than your significant other, and you do not really want to spend too much time discussing it with him for fear of becoming that boring couple who cannot talk about anything except their baby).  And, it is way too early to start shopping for baby stuff, decorating the nursery, and doing all that other fun stuff involved with bringing a new member into the family.  You cannot even shop for maternity clothes yet!

Instead, you just spend your time waiting for all of those things to happen, while in the meantime, life continues on pretty much as it did before you became pregnant (except, without the benefit of alcohol and caffeine!).

Now, I am sure that sounds pretty awesome to those of you who have already welcomed your little one home, but when you make the decision to become pregnant, it is because you do not want your life to continue on as it has before!  You want those big changes to take place and, if you are like me, then you want them to take place now . . . 

I understand why this whole process takes nine months, and I am sure once everything starts moving, I will be grateful for the adequate prep time, but for right now I cannot help but wishing that at least some of the changes happened earlier on . . . particularly the ones that involve shopping!

This will SO be me in a few months!

This will SO be me in a few months!

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